Why New Homes Make Sense

The day has come. You have watched the market, planned your finances, and made the necessary arrangements. It is time to purchase a home for you and your family, one you will likely spend the rest of your life in. It is a big decision, and one not to be entered into lightly, especially considering how much of an investment your home purchase represents. But before you start looking at local listings, consider the advantages of purchasing new homes over resale homes.

First and foremost is customization. New homes offer a level of choice that resale homes simply cannot match. Yes, it is possible to find a four bedroom, three bathroom house with a home office, double wide garage and a greenhouse if you look hard enough. But what if it is not in the right location, or requires some structural work, or just does not have the layout you envisioned? Why not just have your house designed from the ground up, within your price range, to fit your dream specifications? Licensed modern home builders will work with you to ensure that you get the layout you want, taking the stress of the search out of the equation.

Any home can be customized in small ways by changing faucets or replacing bathroom tiles, but only new homes offer complete control over interior and exterior design. Have you ever thought about living in a home with heated floors? The feeling of being able to walk freely through your home on a cold day with your feet toasty and warm is a unique experience, and pets love it too. You could get heated floors and other affordable modern innovations installed in your resale home, but after factoring in the cost and time and effort it would take, it is simply easier and cheaper to add them to the design of your new home. Then, you will know that your house was designed with your customizations in mind, and that no unforeseen complications will result from retrofitting an existing design.

Along with customization, new homes come with the benefit of lacking secrets. Ever walk through a rental property and wonder about its’ hidden history? What kind of work was done behind that retaining wall? Why is part of the basement floor a lighter shade of concrete than the rest? Are there undiscovered nests of termites or other pests just waiting to gestate inches from your head? It is not paranoid to wonder about these sorts of things, as almost every house currently available on the resale market has, or will require, some maintenance done at some point. These are questions every homebuyer should ask, but when building a new home, these questions do not even need to be asked.

Would it not be wonderful to walk into your new home, having inspected its’ construction through site visits during its’ development, knowing full well that you know everything there is to know about the structure? When it comes time to hang paintings, you will know where the studs are. When an errant ball of hair clogs the sink, you will know exactly where the pipes connect to the septic tank. Knowledge is power, and knowing every square inch of your home in the way only someone who saw it built could know it will give you the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy your investment. The added cost of new home design, and purchasing land may seem like detractors, but the low maintenance and upkeep costs of new homes after they are built, combined with the convenience of choice, makes them an attractive option for any prospective home buyer.